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WELCOME to the on-line catalogue of Outofthecloset Artwear!

This is a catalogue of clothing available for purchase by telephone order, e-mail, or snail mail.   

On each page you will find pictures of each type of clothing available.  The sizes are listed below the picture.   At the top of the page, click on the "colors and designs link" to see samples of some available choices.  For most of the clothing items, you may select any color/pattern you see.  You can find more examples on our Facebook page.   

There are some exceptions such as the dresses.  They are only available in the patterns shown on the dress page, but you may pick whatever colors you want.  And the Hoodies are available in any color, but only in the pattern shown.  The black dyed batiks are ONLY available in the specific items shown.

To shop on our site:  note down the name of the item, color/pattern, size and price and then go to the order page and fill it in.  Then you can print it at home and mail it, or text a screenshot to us,  or CALL it in.

You can also go to the order page, open the order form as a separate, smaller window and then view the pages and fill out the form at the same time.